4 Reasons Why You Should Use Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Why You Should Use Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

You have a lot of choices when it comes to smoke alarms. You can choose from ionization or photoelectric, hard-wired or battery operated, and you may want your alarm to be interconnected with the fire department. But what is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

A photoelectric smoke alarm is one of two types of alarms that are commonly found in homes. It emits an audible sound when there is smoke present in the air, and is usually combined with a carbon monoxide detector. If you are looking for the best fire alarm to keep your family safe, then photoelectric smoke alarms are an excellent option.

This article will discuss what you need to know about these alarms, including their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Effective

A photoelectric smoke alarm is a type of fire detection that uses light to detect the presence of smoke. It has been shown time and again, by many studies in fact, not only does it work more effectively than ionization alarms but also creates less false alerts due its ability at detecting smoldering fires better- all while being faster with battery life!

2. Long Battery

Photoelectric smoke alarms have long battery lives (upwards of 10 years with everyday use) and are one of the most cost effective types on the market today.

The photoelectric technology means they only need new batteries every few decades, making for less expensive monthly monitoring than other alarm technologies like ionization or chemical sensors!

3. Can Be Placed Anywhere

Photoelectric smoke alarms are a great option for homes that have limited access to power sources. The photocell, which senses light and converts it into electricity, can be placed anywhere in your home without needing any wires or batteries!

A lot of people worry about the size being an issue but these types come with small frames so they’re easy enough to put up on every wall near where you sleep at night.

4. Safer

Smoke alarms are always an important safety measure. Ionization models emit higher-level radiation which can be potentially harmful, but photoelectric smoke detectors have been shown to be much safer for you and your family because they produce less ionizing waves of energy with their light sensors.

One drawback might be the cost

Most people cannot afford these devices yet. However, new research is showing that photoelectric smoke alarms are more effective than traditional ionization-only models in the event of fire! Making this life saving device worth its price.


For a safety conscious family, smoke alarms are an important component of the home. They’re also one of those things that you don’t think about until they go off and then it’s too late to do anything but be grateful for them being there at all. The most popular type of alarm is photoelectric which has been found to be more cost effective than ionization models. To learn more about these types of alarms, contact our team, Control Fire Protection today! Our experienced fire protection specialists will answer any questions you have and offer expert advice on the right choice for your home or business.

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