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Putting Programmer for a Perfect stroke!

putter programmer
Do you play golf, and are you a perfectionist? If yes, then you are reading the right matter, for here is the Putting Programmer, for a better putting. All you are required to do is put off your Putting Programmer, and with every stroke you get to know your club heads accurate velocity, height, side-to-side position and the flight path.

It is a boon for professionals, whereas amateurs too can benefit, as it guides you to a better putting through its high tech solution. With the help of a micro-computer and bar graph displays, it studies every stroke made by you.

The best part about the Putting Programmer is that it can be used wherever you wish to practice, on the glade or inside your home. In both the environments, it improves your stroke by giving you the feedback, and thus improves your muscle memory.

Via: Ledusa

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