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Pikachu toys modded into circuit-bent musical instruments

bent pikachu nABgt 1333
I have never been a fan of Pokemon. Not even when my kid bro was hooked onto them and made us all watch the animated series day and night bombarding us with trivia about the annoying little fictional creatures. But circuit bender Kaseo has taken his love of the most adorable Pokemon ever, Pikachu to a whole new level and he now even has a marvelous collection of musical instruments built from modified Pikachu toys.

Of course these things are as annoying as hell, but I’m sure the kids will love it as much as they love unicorns. The collection features some pretty inspired pieces like this “Y.M.O” (Yellow Mouse Orchestra), a group of MIDI-controlled circuit-bent Pikachus that performs a tweaked version of “Rydeen” by the original Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra).

The 12 bent Pikachu orchestra also makes a great case for itself.

But the Bent Pikachu Limited Edition definitely takes the cake with its shrill performance that is sure leave a lot of eardrums and thresholds of patience shattered!

Source: Pink Tentacle

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