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Dismantable hotel chain coming up in Spain soon

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You know what I hate the most about traveling? I can almost never get any kinda consistency in the hotel rooms. Some have good beds but their chairs suck, other have good bathrooms but have no view! This where this brand new initiative called the R-Sleep Hotel really seems like a real treat. Designed by architect Luis de Garrido and acquired by the Rest Best Hotels chain, the unique hotel features 30 modules made in steel and reinforced concrete.

Each module contains two rooms separated by a central hall with the small dwellings standing at around 18 square meters, and features a double bed, table, wardrobe and a prefabricated bathroom. The best part about the hotel is that it can easily be dismantled, transported to another place and set up all over again without any major environmental impact and with the rise and fall in room occupancy, can have new rooms added or removed to reduce cost.

Of course it offers only basic services and has a single employee, the receptionist with other services being contracted out to local workers. So you may not exactly have the same kinda room service or food, but you sure will get a fab room for a really cheap price!

The first of the low-cost hotels opens in La Muela, about 23 kilometers from Zaragoza coming August.

Source: Las Escapadas

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