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Pamper your pets with Hepper products


All you pet owners will agree that your buddy needs to be pampered in more ways than one, like getting its afternoon nap in as comfortable a style as its owner can afford to give it. Listen to this, now your pet gets a cool pod to crash in for a quick nap. The idea is a brain child of Hepper, a company producing pet products and furnishings. The award winning industrial designer Jed Crystal has come out with some wonderful and functional home pet furnishings for the company.

The items created for your lovable companions range from pods to birdhouses, and every little animal, be it a bird or a cat or a dog, will have the kind of stuff that will give a reason to the neighbors to envy. Hepper is named after a cat of the same name, which officially tests all the products produced by the company. A pet approving of the goods for another pet, definitely make sense to me! Hepper items range from $45-$155, not too much for that innocent little creature waiting for you at home!

Via: Fashionweekdaily

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