North and South Korea come together in peace after 70 years of conflict. 


Half a century old North and South Korea comes to peace talks in a critical meeting between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, leaders of North and South Korea. The meeting between the two nations declared a complete denuclearization and removal of nuclear weapons by either parties to consolidate 65 years old North and South Korea conflict.

Facts about north and South Korea war

North and South Korea come together in peace

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One of the amazing facts about the Korean War is that the armistice agreement of 1950 ended ‘all acts of armed forces’ by creating a demilitarized zone. But the agreement couldn’t ensure an absolute peace treaty to reunite North and South Korea politically. The following years marred both the nations with border skirmishes and complete immobility in the demilitarized zone.

North and South Korea comes to peace talks

A summit was planned in the bordering village of Pyongyang, where the two leaders marked the beginning of a new era by crossing the walls dividing Korean peninsula. This harmonious act of North and South Korea comes to peace talks and paved a path for peaceful Korean relationship with prospect of progress. The historical visit of Mr. Kim comes as one of the surprising facts about north and South Korea war, making him the first one of the North Korean leader to step in the southern peninsula of Pyongyang ever after the armistice (cease-fire) settlement between North and South.

North and South Korea have also undertaken peace-talks to overcome obstacles by opening a liaison office in the North Korean border town of Kaesong. The leaders met and agreed to resume dialogues and reunite families separated by 65 years of war between the two nations.

Kim surprises the world again


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Mr. Moon agreed to provide their assistance only after North Korea gave up its nuclear aspirations of conducting heavy missile tests in the region. The North Korean leader in the last fall frightened the region by testing long range missiles to threaten US with an impending nuclear war. Kim recently surprised the world by showing an interest in improving his country’s relations with his immediate neighbor. The North and South Korea comes to peace talks and it has been globally seen as an unexpected occasion as no specific reasons have been stated regarding his decision.

Developmental measures to mend North and South Korean bond

Kim-Moon together brought out developmental measures to mend North and South Korean bond and end North and South Korea conflict, vis-a-vis huge investment activities to improve North Korean road and train systems. Amazing facts about the Korean War include the fact that ever since the war terminated South Korea grew by continuing strong ties with US.

North Korea also known as ‘hermit kingdom’ remained politically and economically underdeveloped after the collapse of Soviet Union in 1990. Thus, North and South Korean comes to peace talk as a progressive strategy for both the parties. Mr. Moon later said that he would like to see South Korea in the driver’s seat in pushing a peace effort for the two nations.

South Korea and U.S. convince North Korea for complete demilitarization



North and South Korean war has been of national Importance ever since it began therefore, South Korea itself can’t singlehandedly end the Korean War and denuclearize North Korea. The North and South Korean peace talk hinted toward a trilateral and four-party talk with US and China respectively. South Korea and US is trying to convince North Korea to agree to complete demilitarization in a specific time period.

Opinions of critics on the Korean conflict

Skeptics believe that the North Korea’s prevailing habit of thwarting agreements would continue and the new deal will be eventually scraped.  But South Korean analysts have considered it too early to analyze and are willing to give the leader benefit of doubt with some caution.

Even though the collaborative attempt of both the Korean Peninsulas have not demonstrated fruitful results but the diplomatic talk itself has carved a phenomenal space in the history of peace-making. Global leaders like Trump and Xi Jinping tweeted in favor of North and South Korean open peace talks just after the news got aired. Mr. Kim showed his support for the event by proposing another summit with South Korea with a visit to the presidential Blue House in Seoul.

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