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Nokia allows you to store mobiles in socks


Socks help to keep your feet warm and dust free. They also prevent your feet from getting bruised due to the boot friction. What else? They also help store stuff! What kind of stuff am I talking about? Well cell phones. Nokia decided to come up with the bright idea of storing cell phones in socks because it might look more natural to you.

The Nokia Socks CP-221 is a pretty cool way to store your new Nokia cell phone. The previous covers were mostly belt clips as well as belt based hooks. Then Nokia came up with the idea of attaching cords to protect the phones. The latest idea is the socks.

The mobile phone socks are available in four styles and they vary in color and design. They are available in white stripes, black, or even yellow. The socks are compatible with most Nokia models including the weird Nokia 7600 as well as the N73 music edition.

The downside about using these socks is that you won’t be able to use the phone while it’s inside the sock. So, the next time you discover a sock, there might be a Nokia in it!

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