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‘Mr. Clock Radio’ Arrives to Wake You Up!

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The hardest thing in the morning is opening your sleep-laden eyes, besides dragging out of the cozy bed! Here’s Mr Clock Radio to give you a helping hand in waking up in not less than 30 different ways, from a tender coaxing voice to a more noisy drill sergeant. It not only performs the impossible task of waking you up, but can also predict your fortune, speak out the time for your convenience, react to light or any kind of motion, and play music.

A piece of advice people, don’t try and act clever with Mr.Clock Radio by pressing the snooze button too many times in order to catch up on some more sleep. If you try doing that, then be prepared to hear an extremely ferocious voice from the otherwise placid creature.

Presumably, the world’s first robot radio comes to you with a price tag of $79.99.

Via: Presurfer

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