Macintosh SE for your bathroom!

mac se toilet paper dispenser1

Well, don’t jump with joy after reading the header, Apple is not planning to release any such promising model in the near future. Its just the undiluted love of a Mac lover that has made this concept possible. A die-hard fan of this vintage computer just refused to let his love die a premature death and decided to give it a new lease of life. Well, each person has his own set of wild ideas, and this guy decided to turn his Mac SE into a fully-functional toilet paper dispenser. A short procedure of cleaning the interiors followed by certain tweaks and a fresh coat of paint was all that went into the reincarnation of the Mac SE. Within a few hours, the Mac SE bathroom edition aka the Macintosh toilet paper dispenser was standing in all its glory.

P.S. You can rubbish this as a crazy idea, but I call it true love!

mac se toilet paper dispenser2

Via: About:Blank

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