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LUMEN: A shadow projecting oil lamp

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Inventor Adam Frank’s brilliant showcase of Lumen lights are the most innovative ones seen in years! The American made stainless steel covered Lumen is an innovative oil lamp that creates soft light and a luminous shadow on any near surface. Its 17-hour liquid wax fuel cell is made by Hollowick, the leader in industry safety, and has exceeded all relevant safety standards by representing an odorless and clean burning.

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They are gorgeous, as these oil lamps provide the candle light feel along with a touch of being one with nature. In case these lamps need to be mounted on the wall, they come with screws. The Lumen is sold on adamfrank.com for $48, with additional cost for shipping and handling. Ultimately these soporific lights induce a shaman and tranquil atmosphere, making it perfect for gifting and ideal for those de-stressing days!


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