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Insane and unusual weapon ideas and projects that were actually considered

by DrPrem Jagyasi

War means the use weapons which will cause destruction, and perhaps give you the advantage of the element of surprise. In pursuit of these objectives, there are several examples where projects having weird things or objects as weapons have been used. Here are few such examples.

  1. Operation blue peacock

Operation blue peacock

Image Source : Newsimg.Bbc.Co.Uk

According to reports released by National Archives in the UK, during the year 1957, there were plans to remotely detonate an underground mine in Germany. In order to maintain the required temperature, it was decided to fill the mines with chickens.

  1. Project Pigeon

pigeon controlled guided bombs

Image Source : TodayIFoundout.Com

This was an attempt by America to have pigeon controlled guided bombs.They created an air-frame with a glider and wings. The main idea was to train pigeons as pilots. The pigeons were trained to recognise the target. The pigeons would peck when on screen when the target became visible. Sensors would detect the same and send signals. This would, in turn, manoeuvre the bomb in that same direction.

  1. Halitosis bomb

gay bomb

Image Source : I0.Wp.Com

This was also known as a gay bomb. The US air force had tried to develop these chemical bombs which would spray female sex pheromones. As a result, the members of the opposition would get sexually charged and would get attracted to each other.

  1. Mousensor


Image Source : Ichef.Bbci.Co.Uk

One of the most harmful effects of past wars are underground landmines. Several countries are infested by these landmines. Scientist are trying to develop GM mouse or mousensor. These genetically modified mice will be able to sense faster and better landmines as compared to the common mouse.

  1. Explosive rat

British developed explosive rat World War II

Image Source : Military-History.Org

During the World War II the British developed explosive rat or rat bomb against the Germans. Plastic explosives were filled with the carcasses of rats. These were to be placed near the German boilers. The British forces believed that when they were burnt in order to get rid of them these rat bombs will explode and result in a boiler explosion. However, these were intercepted by Germans.

  1. Project X-Ray

American dentist Dr. Adams

Image Source : Assets.Atlasobscura.Com

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,an American dentist Dr. Adams came up with a plan where bats would be used as mini bombs to destroy Japanese cities. Tiny bombs would be attached to bats which would be kept on trays and refrigerated and this would be kept in a larger bomb. This entire thing would be dumped in Japan. Though the project got approval, it was not used as the more devastating atomic bomb came into the picture.

These bizarre projects do have lots of innovative thinking. But these also had a number of drawbacks or difficulties and hence most of them were never brought into practice.

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