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Ingenuity makes a difference: Meat Purse by Nancy-Wu

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Though coining it a weird creation would undeniably be a misappropriation, yet the meat purse designed by Nancy-Wu has an allusion of erratic artisanship. It is a blend of craft and style having beefy external surface making it evermore witty. Mind you, it’s a handmade piece of buckskin that may force you to appreciate the ingenuity of this California-based designer.

Handing your hard-earned bucks over to this beef jerky wallet is definitely going to make a difference. Call it erratic, humorous creativity, or what not, some serious pondering over components used in fashioning it differentiates it from the rest. Slung round the shoulders, this brawny wallet surely is indicative of accessories revisited. Well, as of now, there is not even the least trace of the pricing and availability. So, keep waiting with your fingers crossed.

Via: Uniquedaily

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