Hermes offers crocodile-skin T-shirt this summer at a whopping $91,500


Men would do anything to distinguish themselves from the crowd and the mere existence of luxury brands such as Hermes is a testimony to that. You may have heard about some expensive piece of clothing, which offers something out-of-the-box but not something of this type. Hermes has come up with a t-shirt made of crocodile skin, which was displayed in its Spring 2013 menswear collection as part of its crocodile chiffon shirts collection. The croco-tee has been tagged to a ludicrous price of $91,500, an amount that could buy you a handful of automobiles. We don’t know yet if the price signifies the cost of the t-shirt or the crocodile.

Surprisingly, Hermes is offering a range of other shirts in this category priced in the range of $60,000-$100,000. While Hermes might have made news with its new absurd line of product, people at animal rights organization, PETA seem to be less amused. Honestly speaking we too don’t see a reason to sacrifice a crocodile to manufacture a six-figure t-shirt when we can do so with diamond-embedded or gold plated ones. Those of you who admire crocodiles as creatures may not like it or maybe you’re thinking that wearing one of such t-shirts will get you closer to your loving creature.

It would be interesting to know if the croc-tees would find any prospective buyers. We wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later someone comes up to possess one of these as we have found in the past that absurdly expensive products are not impossible to sell. We’re sure that someone will find the killer looks of this t-shirt amusing; however, we‘re less sure whether a t-shirt made of crocodile skin in summers would be a right choice.

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