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Hand Grenade Alarm Clock booms you out of slumber

hand grenade alarm clock dsSeq 2263
Initially I was thinking that the Hand Grenade Alarm Clock is only shaped like a hand grenade and maybe named so because it goes off with a considerably loud boom. But no, though the Hand Grenade Alarm Clock definitely boasts of these two attributes, it has another characteristic specific to hand grenades. You need to throw it to make it stop ringing (or booming!). The manufacturers assure us that the clock is made out of soft PVC, so throwing it around wouldn’t harm it.

If you are one of those who get so pissed off by the alarm going off early in the morning that you vent your frustration by flinging it, this is what you need. It lives up to its name and goes off so loudly that you are almost rudely jolted out of your peaceful sleep. If you are the sporty kind or one of those who can’t be shaken by sweet soft ringing, spend $39.00 and get this for yourself.

Source: Gizmo Dude

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