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Blue eyes mystery

Wondering what is the best way to kill time when you have a couple of minutes to spare? How about going through some random facts just to increase your general knowledge? These can also act as ice breakers to simply kick start a conversation. Below listed are some of the facts that we have specially selected to educate as well as amuse the readers.

Out of the ordinary:

watching tv

  1. How often do you come across a red light while driving on the road? Well, you will be shocked to know that an average individual spends 6 months of his lifetime waiting for the red light to turn green.
  2. Next time when you watch television, think about the number of calories that you could possibly burn. Studies have proven that, one can burn more calories by simply going to sleep than watching television.
  3. This might sound insane but, men are six times more prone to be struck by lightning than women.
  4. Did you know that an average human walks as much as approximately three times around the world in his entire lifetime?

Amusing Facts:

 chewing a gum

  1. The speed at which a human sneeze travels is approximately 100 miles per hour.
  2. Even a broken clock shows correct time twice a day.
  3. Try chewing a gum next time when you cut an onion, it will help you avoid crying.
  4. Out of the total population of the world, 10% are left handed.
  5. Earth travels more than 5000 miles every 5 minutes.

Did you know Facts:

Blue eyes mystery

  1. People who have blue eyes have the highest tolerance towards alcohol.
  2. There are still more than 50% people in this world who haven’t conversed over a phone.
  3. ‘Jiffy’ is actually a scientific word for 1/100th of a second.
  4. The longest traffic jam lasted for 10 days.
  5. When you are born you have 300 bones in your body. By the time you become an adult you only have 206 bones.

Astonishing Facts:


  1. You height reduces by 1% in the evenings as compared to the mornings.
  2. A bee visits 2 million flowers to produce a pound of honey.
  3. A human thigh bone is stronger than concrete.
  4. On an average we breathe approximately 8,409,600 times a year.
  5. There is a church in the Czech Republic that has a chandelier installed which entirely made up of human bones.

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