Fun Ways To Include Your Junior Bridesmaid Into The Wedding

When you are planning a wedding and you have toddlers, being the flower girl and the ring bearer are common choices. But when your children are tweens (between 8 and 12) it is a little more complicated. They are too old to be flower girls and ring bearers, and too young to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is where juniors fit in.

A young girl can be a junior bridesmaid and a young boy can be an usher. But, how do you make that special for them? They are not mature enough to know the honor of this position. However, given the opportunity, they will surprise you with their dedication.


The traditional role of the junior bridesmaid is to attend the bride. She walks down the aisle usually behind the last bridesmaid and before the bride enters the room. The traditional role of the junior groomsman is either as a greeter (assisting people to their seats) or as a groomsman, standing with the other groomsmen.

Their attire is like the adult attendees, with age-appropriate modifications. However, there are some exceptions. Many brides who are dressing their bridesmaids in trending dark and elegant formal gowns prefer to dress the junior bridesmaid in white (like a junior bride).

Twists on Tradition

Modern couples want to have unique weddings that have meaning for everyone. This is especially true if the children serving in the wedding are their own children. Here are some fun twists on tradition.

  • Have the juniors enter the ceremony together walking down the aisle with signs that read, “The bride is coming!”
  • As part of the ceremony have them serve as messengers. The bride and groom each hand them a rose and a personal card to be delivered to the parents of the couple.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

The tradition is that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom each light a candle. The couple then takes the candles their mother lit, and use them to light one candle, signifying unity.

Add an extra step. Have the junior bridesmaid and junior groomsman bring their unlit candles to the bride and groom. They will then add the children’s candles to theirs. This requires a special vase that is big enough for three candles burning as one.

The First Dance

The first dance is an important part of the reception. It is not uncommon for the junior bridesmaid and groomsman to do a mock first dance. However, instead of the traditional slow dance, dress them in funky outfits for dancers and let them do a hip-hop routine. These are easy to learn and there are fun outfits that will make them look hip and modern.

Whether you want to go traditional for a formal and chic tone, or you want to liven things up for a fun-filled day of surprises, make your wedding unique. However, you decide to include the special children in your wedding, make it a memory they will cherish as much as you do.

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