Eight Facts About Testosterone We Bet You Don’t Know

Facts About Testosterone

Thanks to its famous relationship with muscles and sexuality, testosterone is probably the most popular hormone out there. However, while thinking about it like that, people often ignore plenty of other aspects of it. In this article, let us explore eight such underrated aspects of testosterone.

Facts About Testosterone You Might Not Now

1. Not male exclusive

Testosterone is often touted as a male hormone. Although it is obviously more abundant in males, testosterone is by no means male exclusive. Women have testosterone too. Their ovaries and adrenal glands release a small amount of it in their bloodstream. Considering the amount isn’t significant, its effects rarely manifest.

2. Being in love changes its level

Being in love is a whole new experience in itself, and testosterone too has its own role in it albeit differently for both men and women. Compared to women who are single or in a long term relationship, the women who are falling in love tend to have a higher testosterone level. For men, however, the case is completely opposite. Men in a budding sexual relationship tend to have lower testosterone levels when compared to those who are single or in a long-term relationship.

3. Might help in weight loss

Just like human growth hormone therapy or hgh pen, testosterone could also have a wide range of lifestyle benefits. One of the most promising ones is testosterone therapy for men who have below normal levels of it. With moderate exercise, this could not only help in weight loss, but also help the body getting in shape.

4. Becoming rich affects it

low testosteroneHigher level of testosterone has often been linked with encouraging risk taking behaviour not just in life, but also in stock market. According to British researchers, traders get a testosterone spike on days when they make above average profit in the market. In addition, at the times when testosterone levels were found to be higher, the traders were making higher profit than on low testosterone days.

5. Causes changes in the body

Testosterone has been linked with a range of bodily changes in both men and women. These include shrinking testicles in men and breast growth in women. In addition, women could also experience hair loss, growth of body hair, deepened voice, enlarged clitoris, and a deeper voice. Taking too many synthetic steroids could also lead to acne, aggression, and mood swings in both the sexes.

6. Winning or losing impacts it

We all know that winning a game or even watching your favourite team win a game gives us a feeling of euphoria. But did you know that testosterone also contributes to this feeling? Yes. Testosterone levels spike in men as they watch their favourite team win, while it falls in those whose favourite team lose the game.

7. Fat could lower testosterone

Since obese men tend to have lower testosterone level compared to thin men, it is believed that body fat could lower testosterone. Fat basically causes widespread inflammation in the body, which is believed to supress testosterone levels.

8. It’s difficult to measure its level

According to experts, with current technology it’s extremely difficult to measure testosterone levels accurately. In fact, if you send your blood sample to three different levels, you are very likely to get three different level indications. This might be the reason why many health professionals are making efforts to standardize testosterone tests.

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