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Dogsled: Perfect Solution for a Deteriorating Surrounding

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In an age where we humans are striving for a cheaper resource to get our vehicles moving all the time, with the gasoline prices making us shriek, human powered vehicles could be a nice alternative. The aforesaid can be dubbed a stupid notion when applied to longer journeys but then daily errand journeys can be taken care off by the virtue of Human Power. Commuters like the Dogsled which is a Human Powered Quadcycle can be of immense use when a group is supposed to cover a relatively short distance. Dogsled isn’t an unknown commuter for it did make its way to the Burning Man but we still hear nothing of it after the event, which is pretty sad. I believe we would have to get the environmentalists moving on this one for it does no harm to the surroundings which is why they would adore and hail it. More Images after the Jump.

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