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Coming soon: Dior and Swarovski fashion phones

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If you like this 14ct Swarovski heart necklace, then I’m sure you will find the following news item very interesting.

Dior and Swarovski, two of the top luxury brands in the world, have revealed plans to launch their own range of fashion phones.

OK! Stop the jumping and the screeching and the incoherent excited babbling you fashion maniac! This is for real.

The Independent has reported that Dior and Swarovski will unveil their luxury handsets by next year while Swiss watchmakers Tag Heuer will have theirs out by early neat summer.
If trends are to be believed, then in the next three years non-traditional brands, including fashion designers, will form 20 per cent of mobile phone market, selling over 200 million handsets a year.

Since mobile phones upgrade their models every three months or so, as does fashion, it makes perfect sense for fashion designers to get into the multi-million dollar cell phone market.

Andrew Harrison, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, UK, says the number of customers buying more than one set is increasing, with every fifth one owning two or more.

He says:

These handsets have different uses: business, going out or even special occasions. We expect this trend to continue.

That’s it! I want that Dior phone. Even if I have to start saving up for it. Maybe I’ll just quit eating or something!


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