Choosing the Right Bed Frame for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Bed Frame

There comes a time where everywhere eventually needs to replace a bedframe, whether it be to upgrade, suit a new space or to simply fulfil a desire for more stretching out space when slumbering. Finding the right bed is actually not as easy as you might think, though – how a frame complements your needs might be different to what you initially imagined, which is why research is so important before you drop money on a new bedframe. In this article we take a look at an assortment of bedframes to help give you a better idea of what you might need in the future.

 1. Where to start when looking for beds

looking for bedsAlthough looking at cheap bed frames from the outset might seem like a good idea, if it ends up being too small for you to sleep comfortably on (despite the great price you might have paid), then it’s hardly a saving. This is why it’s so important to properly research a bed according to your current, and potentially future, needs. Regardless of the reason or need for replacement, the first thing you’ll have to carefully consider when in the market for a new bedframe is size. When considering the size of your new bedroom, it’s important to also consider the size of your bedroom.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for people to move one or more times since their initial bed purchase, so the size of your bedroom might not correspond with the size of your old bedframe. If you have more space in your current bedroom than you did in the original bedroom your bedframe sat in, you might consider upgrading the size. If it’s smaller, a bigger size might not be a great idea, as the extra sleeping space will be offset by a much more cramped room. The actual usable space might also be minimised by things like windowsills, wall skirtings or alcoves, so make sure to pay attention to these as well.

 2. Understanding different bedframes

Understanding different bedframesOnce you’ve worked out the right bedframe size for your space, you might then consider the material of the frame itself. There are bedframe materials and builds to reflect every kind of personal style, so this is a step that may take a lot longer to decide on than the size of the bedframe. The other consideration you’ll need to make is factoring in the mattress – if you already have a mattress, you’ll have to keep in mind that not all bedframe may accommodate it (as things such as mattress thickness might makes things difficult in the long-term otherwise).

Metal bedframes are highly versatile and usually quite affordable, especially when compared to wooden, fabric or leather bed frames. Metal isn’t to everyone’s taste, though, which may play a big part in your decision to get a metal bedframe. Wooden bedframes are extremely sturdy, with those being made from high quality wood often quite expensive (and quite heavy to boot). Finally, upholstered fabric bedframes offer versatile aesthetic options alongside being extremely comfortable due to the fabric over padding design. 

3. Choosing the right bedframe for you

Choosing-the-right-bedframe-for-youAlthough you might at first be overwhelmed with all the available options, choosing a bedframe only takes a little bit of research and a lot of shopping around. Aesthetically, it’s also not a bad idea to choose a more versatile frame if there’s any possibility of moving in the long run, as decorating a new room around your bed instead of the other way round can be quite restrictive!

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