5 Ways New Tech Is Changing Daily Life

New Tech Is Changing Daily Life

COVID-19 has opened the world’s eyes to many things, including the role of technology in our daily lives. Now more than ever, we should step back to appreciate how much we rely on technology. More importantly, we need to realize that some of the latest tech on the market is already having a huge impact on millions of lives.

1. Greater Safety on the Road

stricter drunk driving lawsThe percentage of per capita fatalities from car accidents has decreased in 16 of the last 20 years. There are various reasons for this, including stricter drunk driving laws. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the safety tech in vehicles. 30 years ago, back-up cameras in vehicles were a thing of science fiction. Now, they’re the norm. You’ve also got better braking systems and throttle control, like the Pedal Commander PC18.

2. Easier Communication

Getting in touch with friends and family is extremely important during the current pandemic. Communication platforms like WhatsApp and Skype allow people to socialize with their loved ones from a safe distance. Not only does this provide comfort in stressful times, but it also reduces the risk of sparking a global mental health crisis. Humans are naturally social creatures, so being able to communicate from a distance is vital for our general well-being.

3. Greater Ability to Recover from Economic Crises

woman-working-from-homeIn addition to contacting loved ones, communication platforms (Slack, Zoom, etc.) also provide a way for millions of workers to continue their daily activities from home or other remote locations. In the past, the world economy would completely shut down if people couldn’t come into direct contact with each other. While the economy is not doing well, it has also not collapsed, thanks in large part to technology that provides a safety net for many industries.

4. More Financial Flexibility

Most major banking institutions are making it easier for people to manage their finances. For example, major banks now have mobile applications that allow you to deposit physical checks directly from your phone, quickly transfer funds between accounts, and automatically make recurring payments. Additionally, many companies that are not affiliated with major banks, like Paypal and Transferwise, make it far easier for people with poor credit scores or limited funds to receive and send money virtually.

5. Greater Entertainment at Our Fingertips

Entertainment at Our FingertipsIt’s hard to believe that we used to go to Blockbuster if we wanted to rent a movie. Now, we just subscribe to a service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Disney+ to get access to literally thousands of movies and television series. With the click of a button, we have access to entertainment for all ages and tastes. It’s truly a golden age for movie junkies and couch potatoes!


In tough times like these, it’s good to think about the positive aspects of life. While there may be certain drawbacks to the constant advancement of technology, there are also many advantages. The list above provides just a few examples of the positive role of new tech in our daily lives.

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