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LOLriokart – Shopping cart on wheels

MIT student, Charles Guan, has pimped out a shopping cart into an electric Go-Kart that does 30 mph. Dubbed “LOLriokart,” this shopping Go-Kart is a rear wheel drive controlled though a custom made steering system. It relies on brakes, but there..

Abastor2.0, for hassle-free shopping

Abastor2.0 is one concept I wish would become real. This container, as shown in the picture above, will be of great assistance when out for shopping for vegetables and fruit. You wouldn’t have to shout your guts out, saying how much for this and…

Skirt that doubles as a shopping bag

Katvig, a company that deals in organic fashion clothes for children, has come out with a skirt (for girls) that doubles as a shopping bag. Available for 5.95€, and made from 100% cotton, this fancy outfit transforms into a bag when you close the…

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