DrPrem Jagyasi

Boris Klimek Memory

Designer Boris Klimek has designed Memory, a collection of opal glass ceiling and wall lights for Brokis. They are a collection of ceiling and wall lights called Memory, inspired by memories of childhood. Hanging cords are used for turning on and off …

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Book Blanket

We all have heard of so many ways to go to sleep. Some listen to their favourite music, some listen to songs, some like to think about the day go by. Yet others like to read story books, and others …

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Katherina Smolikova Skyphos

This chandelier designed by Katherina Smolikova who is a Czech Republic citizen has won many an award for its unique design and the concept behind it.

Vuckovic Coral Lamp

Marko Vuckovic has brought his all new design which is the Coral Lamp. The Coral Lamp has been termed so, due to not only allowing light all over your place but also in order to create awareness over the endangerment …

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KUSA Grass Sandals

Doctors have always said that walking on grass is beneficial to one’s health. For some weird reason, which is not known it does help to soothe our nerves. However, KUSA has come up with a more, let us say, unusual …

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Library Chair

Modern designing is all about providing the most in the least amount of space. From the era of Japanese micro homes, to western combined products, design has come a long way.

Hidden Swimming Pools

There are many ways by which people can preserve land area, but never before has something quite so ingenious and yet so simple been discovered.

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