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Aim your pee and play a game at Place to Pee booth

When you’ve got to answer the nature’s call, all one can think is of relieving self to the last drop. Okay, may be there are folks out there who wouldn’t mind on catching with the headlines of the paper (that’s all that you can read in such a short time) or may be a short or a paused game on your DS or PSP. But playing a game by aiming your own stream in the urinal is awfully geeky to the depths of despair! And the brains behind this are two Belgian beer fans. They have launched a video game named ‘Place to pee’, which allows 2 players to slalom down ski slopes or kill aliens while relieving themselves at urinals. The “Place to Pee” booth fits two users at a time, and gamers hit their targets by aiming at sensors at either side of the urinal. And how do you think you are going to reload your weapon? By guzzling down cans of beers I suppose.
‘Place to pee’ logo resembles ‘Manneken Pis’, the little urinating boy fountain that is among Brussels’ top sightseeing attractions. Till this point, it’s kinda tolerable. However what’s beyond imagination is that they have also specially designed paper cones that will allow women to play too. You think it’s feasible?

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