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A pillow for all the married folks

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I’m not married. But I have a lot of married friends who constantly fill me in with the low-down on their colorful lives and ask for my wise, “non-biased” counsel. What strikes me about most of the info that I get from these married losers is the frequency of tiffs in the relationship and the lack of respect they often feel their partners are dishing out to them. This is where this Husbands and Wives Boudoir Pillow comes in handy. By summarizing the “Etiquette Between Husbands and Wives”, the 100% cotton cushion constantly reminds the couple of the niceties they need to confer on their partners in order to keep the apple cart rolling smoothly. Though pearls of wisdom really escape the limit of the common mind, for $50, you really cannot get a wittier bridal shower or wedding gift!

Source: Nick Papa Georgia

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