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A Colourful Way to SMS – The iBall Orb

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No, it doesn’t show your future. It is not a magic ball. It is an iBall. No kidding! This orb displays SMS. Yes, like a phone but in a different way. It does it with the help of 85 dazzling RGB LEDs. Maybe the next time you are going nuts deciding what to gift your boyfriend, you have your solution. Utility and aesthetics rolled in one. I must say this is one very flashy way to display SMS. And boy! Doesn’t this make your love more colorful? And at 28 cm, it does help when you wish to ‘make it big’.

Well, about its features – it incorporates an in-built memory of 64MB to save your images and text for eternity. You can also avail 1000 ‘free texts’, which means you can keep sending SMSes and not get charged till you hit 1000.

The dome is made of polycarbonate, so you do not have to worry about dropping it. You can mount it on the ceiling or place it on your table top.

However, for all this, you would be flabbergasted if you get to know the price. It costs a staggering $2225.19. Yes, the additional 19 cents included.

Now, you reckon the plain old mobile phone is a better choice, don’t you?

Via: Techeblog, Zedomax

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