5 strange facts about kissing

Kissing is a way of expressing emotions and every one in the world use this way to tell how they feel to their loved ones. There are many things about kissing that you already know but there might be some facts about this expression of love that you are unaware of. Therefore let us take a different path today and talk about some strange facts about kissing that most of you reading the discussion do not know about. An act of kissing is not to be taught as every one knows how to do it but these facts have to be given away as not all are familiar with them.

Kissing: interesting facts

  • The act of kissing involves the use of twenty nine muscles of the face. If you think about it then kissing is indeed a wonderful way to exercise your mouth and prevent the face from wrinkles. Kissing can help you stay young for a long time.
  • When two lovers kiss then they unknowingly swap some substances such as proteins, salts and minerals through their saliva. The exchange of the above mentioned substances can aid in boosting the production procedure of antibodies.
  • The third fact on the list states that almost sixty six percent of the people keep their eyes shut when they kiss but the remaining like to experience the facial expression of the other person while kissing.


  • The next fact is indeed quite interesting for all the married men who are reading this discussion. It is believed that a man who kisses his wife goodbye before leaving for office tends to add five years to his life span. On the other hand the one who just walks out of the door slamming it behind him has high chances of getting into a road accident.


  • Some of you might find it hard to believe that kissing actually burns calories. A quick kiss burns almost three calories while the French kiss burns around five calories.

These were five of the strange facts that most people are unaware of about kissing. You will find many more that can be added to the list. Kissing is a wonderful practice as it helps us to show our love for another person. It is an expression of love that is used by one and all throughout their life and on multiple occasions.

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