Some awful and bizarre cakes you won’t have words for

This may sound bizarre but some people who are really fond of good food and weird stuff may want to know about these awful cake ideas. You obviously might not want to spoil the charm of your birthday or happier occasions with these cakes, but might get some ideas for your next Halloween party for sure. So, check these out and get inspired to include them in your next house party.


  • Dead Crow Cake

Isn’t the idea perfect for a roadkill restaurant? Well, it may be really awful to look at an inverted dead crow with blood oozing out of its head and spreading around it, the taste of this cake may make you forget its look. This cake is surely designed in a perfect manner with not much blood-colored sauce spilt out on the cake platter. That gives you a hint that the crow is dead after having a broken neck, and it is not sleeping.

  • Kitty Litter Cake

You surely would not want to do a celebration with this cake after hearing its name. Most people would find kitty litter disgusting to talk about and might not be able to find an occasion when they could bake such kind of a cake for someone.

divorce cake 2

  • Divorce Cake

This only fits the idea of a poor groom getting it at a divorce party. It may also be appropriate for a mafia wedding. It would at least not look that disgusting as a kitty litter cake while it is being cut.


  • Zombie Cake

An amazingly talented lady has created this cake after so much calculation of the required ingredients and the cakes placement on the tray. The cake may look awful but is an incredible work of art. The different portions of this cake have been created using French cream, corn syrup, chocolate chips, white and dark chocolate, etc. Cherries have been used to work on the bloody eyeballs. Even if you may not want to make it a part of your celebrations, there would be an appreciation for the hard work that has been done to create this type of a cake.

  • Lung Cake

This cake may look unattractive to you but is worthy of tasting. Made in the shape of human lungs, the cake is created in a healthy manner. It is good to consume even if it does not look appealing.


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