3 Helpful Tips for Medical School Interviews

Helpful Tips for Medical School Interviews

Interviewing for medical school is a crucial part of the admissions process that can make or break the rest of your academic and professional career. If you have recently been invited to interview for medical school – congratulations! Now, it’s time to start preparing. Here are 5 crucial tips for preparing for your medical school interview.

1.  Be Honest

You might be temted to lie or stretch the truth during a medical school interview in order to make yourself seem more appealing to the interviewer. While this is understandable, the truth is that a medical school interview is the best time for an institution to get to know you as an individual; plus, the interviewers have access to your transcripts and all other academic information, so it is likely that they will know if you are lying about any part of your background. Be honest with an interviewer about yourself, your reason for taking interest in a particular institution, your future ambitions such as working in a medical clinic like Northwest Surgery Center, and any challenges or struggles you have encountered during your time in college so far.

2.  Don’t Practice Too Hard

When preparing for an important interview, it can be tempting to practice your answer to any and all potential questions over and over again, to make sure that you will know how to answer when the time for the interview comes. While this can be helpful for some, the truth is that the more you practice answering particular questions, the less likely you are to sound natural and honest during a real interview. Practicing some general questions and reviewing your personal information that an interviewer might ask about can be helpful, but make sure you don’t practice to the point that you sound robotic or unenthsuastic during an actual interview.

3.  Stay Confident

When it comes to any type of interview, confidence is key. Although you will likely be nervous during a medical school interview, it is important to be confident in your answers and your accomplishments, as that type of attitude is part of what makes you a qualified candidate. Review your personal achievements ahead of an interview so that you can speak about them with confidence when the time comes. If you are nervous, take the time to calm down and ground yourself ahead of an interview, so that you are still able to appear calm and confident under pressure.

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