The Three Best Ways to Use Your Unlimited PTO

The Three Best Ways to Use Your Unlimited PTO

If you’re lucky enough to work for an employer who offers unlimited paid time off, finding a strong balance between your work and personal life is likely to be easier than ever. Despite this, you might still find yourself struggling to make time for personal obligations, and might find it difficult to determine when exactly you should use PTO! Here are a few ideas for ways you can take advantage of this awesome perk to prioritize your physical and mental health in order to keep a strong balance between your personal and professional obligations.

1.  Take a Mental Health Day

Struggling with your mental health or just feel like you’re in a slump? One of the biggest perks of unlimited paid time off is being able to take a day to rest when you aren’t feeling like yourself. Whether you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression or just feel unmotivated, taking a day off to care for yourself mentally will lead to higher rates of productivity and overall happiness when you finally return.

2.  Don’t Work On Your Birthday

You’re never too old to have fun on your birthday! While many people without access to unlimited paid time off typically have to work on their birthdays, you should take advantage of your unlimited PTO and spend the day having fun. Don’t spend your birthday sitting through meetings or employee development trainings from HSI. Whether you want to spend the day with loved ones or just have a day to yourself, when you have access to unlimited time off, you should never work on your birthday!

3.  Important Appointments

Whether it’s scheduling a check up to stay on top of your physical health or paying a visit to your local salon to get your hair or nails done, one of the biggest perks of unlimited paid time off is having the ability to schedule appointments at a time that actually works. No more taking up time on your weekends or days off dealing with the hassle of a long appointment! Having the freedom to take time off of work for an appointment scheduled on a weekday morning or afternoon opens up endless possibilities for the types of appointments that you can schedule and attend. This means you can stay up to date on important medical visits, self care trips to the spa or salon, and everything in between.

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