World record – The largest book!

worlds largest book by ayman trawi

About a week ago, Ayman Trawi, a Lebanese photographer registered his name in ‘The Guinness World Records’ for the largest book, entitled “Beirut’s Memory” during a ceremony in Beirut, sponsored by Culture Minister – Tammam Salam. Weighing 1,060 kilograms, with 304 pages that are 3.85 meters wide and 2.77 meters tall, the book depicts the changing face of the capital between 1991 and 2002.

The last book to break the Guinness World Record was published in 1976 in Denver, Colorado, in the United States, under the title of “The Super Book”, which measured 3.07 meters wide and 2.74 meters tall with 252.6 kilograms of weight spread over 300 pages.

Via: WorldRecordsAcademy

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