Wine tasting games will make an oenologist out of you

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I know I baffled most of you with this word, but an oenologist is a wine expert. A connoisseur on the other hand is a person of refined tastes. Either ways, if you’re the dumbo who doesn’t know ABC of wine, you can have an enriching experience with the 4xProeven wine tasting game. As we mature, so do our preferences in games and we no longer indulge in Monopoly or Scrabble, instead we play games like 4xProeven! This game involves four participants who get a chance to sip four different wines and try and guess their make, age and finer points. Much like wine tasting parties, the only hitch is that the labels are covered up and are not meant to be revealed till the end of the session.

The game teaches you to decipher the wine on the basis of looks, taste, smell and ultimately draw comparisons and guess the wine. The special treat is that the four wines to be compared are included in the pack. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Shiraz are the choices. For 25 Euros, it’s not a bad investment; at least with the pointers you pick up with this game, you can fib to be a connoisseur at the next wine tasting party that your rich sister throws.


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