What Your Myers Briggs Type Says About You: Introvert Edition

What Your Myers Briggs Type Says About You

You just had your foot surgery with thebunioncure.com. You happened to come across an article in the waiting room about the Myers Briggs Personality Types. It got you wondering, what are the different types?

There are both introverted and extroverted Myers Briggs personality types. In this article we will focus on introverts. Let’s dive in! 

1.  ISTJ

If you’re an ISTJ, you are likely an “A” type personality, and in the best of ways! You are quiet, but that doesn’t mean you shy away from hard work. You will do whatever it takes to accomplish what you set your mind to, even if it places you outside of your comfort zone. 

2.  ISFJ

ISFJ’s are the soft-spoken, compassionate friends we all cherish and love. This type is deeply concerned with how others fear. They value creating harmony no matter what environment they are in. ISFJ’s are the ultimate people-pleasers! 

3.  INFJ

INFJ is the rarest of personality types. They truly are unicorns who value deep connections. This type is always looking to understand life and its complexities. They are incredibly strong in their values and will fight to the death to defend what they believe is right. Small talk is a big no-no for this type. If you come across an INFJ, get ready for an intense and interesting conversation! 

4.  INTJ

INTJ’s are the masterminds at making connections between the tangible and idealistic parts of the world. They are hard and unique workers. They are always thinking outside of the box and excellent innovators. This type is often overly critical of themselves and sometimes others. However, more mature INTJ’s grow past this as they get older. In doing so, they become excellent people to turn to for practical advice. 

5.  ISTP

ISTP’s are incredibly hard and flexible workers. They are more interested in making sure things run smoothly and efficiently. While they aren’t necessarily big on social environments, they do make great team players as long as they are respected. You can think of ISTP’s as the scientists of the group. They are always looking for solutions to problems.

6.  ISFP

ISFP’s are passionate and kind individuals. This type is often reserved, but if they feel comfortable with you – they will share all of their unique world perspectives with you. They love to create peace wherever they go, and they do so in a strategic way. They despise conflict and will try to avoid it at all costs.

7.  INFP

INFP’s are incredibly gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. INFP’s are typically the artists of the group. They relate with nature as much as they do people. This is why you’ll often find them outside under a tree somewhere! This type is the most curious of all the other types. Their curiosity leads them to seek out deeper connections. They cannot tolerate people who aren’t authentic. 

8.  INTP

INTP’s are highly analytical and always questioning what the best solution is for every circumstance. Sometimes, this leads them to be quite obsessive about issues that don’t require that much input. However, they are usually highly intelligent. They stay away from the social scene and feel their time is best served reading, learning, or teaching others.

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