6 Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

How much do you really know about your furry best friend? Take a break from your kitchen plumbing to explore 6 fun facts about dogs.

There may be quite a few that surprise you! Let’s get into it.

Rarest Dog Breed

Have you ever had an encounter with one of the world’s rarest dog breeds? If you’ve got to pet a Norwegian Lundehund then you most certainly have!

This rare dog breed is the mountain goat of dogs, essentially. They have traits that allow them to scale rocky cliffs and necks so agile they can touch their spines. Talk about an interesting pup!

Academy Award Nominee

There was a beloved canine who was an academy award nominee. While he didn’t win, he certainly made headlines as he was the first barking nominee for such a prestigious award.

That’s right,Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd was selected as a nominee for the Academy Award in 1929! Can you imagine hearing what his acceptance speech would have sounded like? We imagine there would have been quite a few barks in there.

Love to Love

Dogs have ways they show love that you might not expect. They can actually mirror a lot of human gestures – this includes smiling. Yes, you may notice your canine companion smiling at you from time to time, and this is a surefire way they very much love you.

You may also notice your pooch resting their head on your feet. This is a sign of love and that they trust you. While you may find it a bit irritating when you’re trying to walk around the house, keep in mind they are just trying to show you how much you mean to them!

Are Dogs Colorblind?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not entirely colorblind. That’s right, your furry friends can see more than you think.

While dogs aren’t able to see the full colors of the rainbow, they can see blue and yellow. Perhaps next time you’re picking out a new toy for your pup, consider getting one that they can see the color of!

Don’t Sweat It!

You won’t have to worry about getting a doggy deodorant for your pup’s underarms. They don’t sweat like humans do. Yet, that doesn’t mean they don’t sweat at all.

Dogs can sweat through their paws, which seems like an usual place. This is often while you’ll see your canine’s panting when they get a little too warm. They do this in order to cool themselves down, as they aren’t able to produce sweat like we do.

Animal Instincts Remain

Have you ever noticed your dog walk in circles and paw at their beds before laying down? This has a lot to do with their evolution! In the wild, canines would have to carve out a sleeping spot for the night. When your pup acts as if they are digging at their beds, it comes from their wild ancestry.

Similar to their sleeping habits, you might have seen your pup try to cover up their poop. This is because in the wild, canines wouldn’t want nearby prey to track their scent. Covering up their stool would ensure this. These traits have not been lost on our pups!

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