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Vers 2x: The Sleek Wooden iPod dock

One look at the woody iPod dock and I knew I was in love with it! The Vers 2x is such a pleasant contrast to the flashy ones in the market, crafted from cheap looking plastic and brushed metal. This one has a handcrafted cherry veneer cabinet, with no two alike.

The system is powered by 2 3” 15-watt speakers, which display a dual port design for a deeper bass. It accompanies a 14-function remote control with 25′ range, and features a 3.5mm audio cable for use with other MP3 players.

Therefore, once you buy the elegant Vers 2x, you can use it with other iPods, including the ones with the latest technologies. It comes with a price tag of $179.

Via: Acquiremag

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