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V-Moda High Fidelity Fashionable Earphones

fashionable earphonesIf you love deep bass sound then V-Moda Bass Freq modaphones will enrich your musical experience and will give you a funky look as well! The designer earbuds come in eight vivid colors option and are designed to coordinate with iPods and other portable music players. The high-fidelity earphones feature BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology into the design that reduces the outside noise to deliver a stronger and superior natural bass response. The earphones are comfortable, light weight and come with Modawrap cable manager which makes it easy to adjust the length of the Bass Freq cables and store them without tangles or case winders. The cool modaphones are available for $50 at Shop v-moda.

Cool Factor: High-Fidelity Performance & Vibrant Design

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