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Ugly phone of the day

lrg berry 1333
Creating a cellphone based on the design of a famous wine brand is certainly an inspired idea. But for that to be truly successful, you really have to choose the best bottle design which may or not house the world’s best wine. A good case in point would be this exclusive line of cellphones and other lifestyle accessories designed by urban/skate brand LRG which apparently was inspired by the legendary Courvoisier. Since the best wines of the world do not necessarily depend on chic packaging to up their appeal, the limited edition gadgetry iPhone, Blackberry, and iPod really come out looking rather yucky to be honest. The Napoleonic/spy logo is kinda attractive but that’s about all the appeal this unfortunate collaboration can garner, and these really do belong in a museum or a wine connoisseur’s collection of booze-related memorabilia only and should never be carried around in public.

lrg phone 1333
lrg pod 1333
Via Notcot

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