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Trendy Vodka bottle from Dan Aykroyd

crystal head vodka aXGoI 59

Vodka is generally considered to be the favorite drink of the Russians, but over a long period of time, the rest of the world too has started enjoying it in gatherings. Items like the Crystal Head Vodka, wis alluring not only interms of the drink but also for the stylish bottle. It isn’t one of those bottles that would be tossed into the bin once the liquid inside is finished. It can instead be used as a piece of décor, pepping up the living room area and getting you many compliments on your great taste in interior decor. The décor part apart, these crystal heads might also bring you good fortune according to an ancient lore about the thirteen crystal heads.

Source: NotCot

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camera shaped vodka flask 3FDxu 59

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weird bottle ABQwP 59

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skull ashtray VZ1zy 59

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decanter set 6gido 59

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