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Be an astro-physicist with ZFlyer Astronaut

your pet astronaut

Ever thought of being an astro-physicist? Now you can just be one without any truckload of degrees to pass. Just buy a ZFlyer R/C Astronaut, that’s it! Confused? Let me explain. The ZFlyer R/C Astronaut is a hand command toy that features an innovative and one-of-its kind control system with a auto-stabilizing rotor technology. With this in your hand, you can go on a spree taking your own pet astronaut on a ride. How? While fidgeting with this toy you make use of your body to actually lead the way for the flying astronaut. The toy will be hovering normally above the ground, but then once you place your hand below him, he will simply start following you. So just hand gestures control the flight of the astronaut. You see how you become an astro-physicist?

And the best thing about the Hand Command is that it’s simple to handle and very easy to maintain the flight upright with no effort at all whatsoever. As far as charging is concerned, every ten minutes of charging keeps the Zflyer Hand Command floating for seven minutes precisely. So all set to try it? Go to Thumbs Up and buy it for $49, whichever you prefer.


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