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This webcam is a real sport star

this webcam is a real sport star
Love your sports? Then you will definitely love this Sportstar-like webcam from the Chinese company Rodintech. Though we really cannot tell which sport he represents since he seems to be all dressed up for a futuristic version of jousting and for some strange reason seems to have replaced his lance for a rubber basketball or something. Anywho the ball should not really be a problem for sports fans since the MPC-095 comes with a choice of football (both American and European), a basketball, and a baseball. Sporty features apart, the cam has all the regular specs like a 1.3 megapixel video sensor, a 300K pixel camera resolution, a built-in mic, and flexible arms and legs for easy mounting so all you have to do is plaster him all over with your favorite teams’ logos and you’ll have yourself your very own futuristic sports fan buddy!

Source: Geek Alerts

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