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The Ultimate Protection for your MacBook

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MacBook is always a special doodad for the very quality of the product. Even a small scratch on it burns your heart for its serene quality and the hefty price. And as they say prevention is better than cure, you should always protect it in the smartest possible manner. Decocase in this case is the way to go especially when we talk about the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Designed to protect the aforesaid to the max, there is never a need to remove the decocase as it provides access to all the functions without the scare of overheating. The case is lined with Neoprene which protects the MacBook from getting any kind of scratches when in use. It has rubberized feet that prevent the MacBook from skidding on smooth surfaces. The overheating factor is taken care off by a low profile base in tandem with a heat conduction plate that cools the thingamajig when in use. The Decocases are being retailed for USD 99.00 to 149.00 and are available in three different sizes.

[Source: Decocase]

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