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The ultimate party hat: Beer Helmet

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Good old Ben Franklin once said that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I completely agree with him and that’s why I’m only too glad to fall on my knees and thank Him for making some beer-loving religious person invent this radical beer drinking helmet. You see this ultimate party hat allows you to simply place two cans of beers into the handy canister holders, wear the helmet and drink away. Thanks to gravity and the power of your lungs, the goodness of the beverage will be delivered straight into your mouth and that too at your will! Since the helmet is made of hard plastic, it will also help you not get a concussion should you get too beer-happy and hit your head on a wall or something. Available in red, blue and yellow, the amazing invention could be yours for a mere $15.99!

Source: 1 of a Kind Stuff

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