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The Sqish on the wall – Camouflaging the satellite dish!

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This one has got to be the big daddy of all the home-aesthetic products that I have seen hitherto! Picture a beautiful white house (not Bush’s!) and a black sedan parked right out alongside the lush green gardens and then suddenly out of nowhere a circular black object with wires all around hits your retina and ruins it all, that, my friend, is called a satellite dish! It’s that thing you bought which promised you to give all the entertainment you want in the world but wanted to take forever the beauty of your house in return. Well, guess what? The curse just got lifted with this little invention we like to call the Sqish!

The sqish is a flat-square-shaped satellite composed of plastic that camouflages with the background of your wall brickwork and hides its existence! Recently it found a market in UK when people sent pictures of the wall work and custom made squishes were fitted on their walls! It’s a big rage in areas that have planning retrictions and dish-stigma!

According to Phil Millington of The Satellite Shop in Kent,

The Sqish is a discreet alternative to a satellite dish and can be used to receive Sky and Freesat in the UK. It can be camouflaged to help it blend into its surroundings with the addition of a bespoke sticker created from a digital photo.

A satellite that doesn’t mar the uniformity of the house. That’s something we have all wanted for ages and now one can get it at a price of £149 and an extra £25 for matt-finish! I bet this price is nothing compared to the happiness of having a house as beautiful as it was meant to be.

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