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Swarovski calculator – Fighting numerophobia

swarovski calculator
Girl is the maths teacher not cute enough or the numbers simply make you groan? Cry no more, these swarovsky crystals will make mathematics your power zone. If maths is the weakness, it is time to club it with the power of pink, the power of fashion, glitz and glamour!

Swarovski calculator is here to take your breath away. Studded with crystals, this one is sure to get you some attention in an otherwise mundane maths lecture. What’s more? You can have it tailor made to your taste, just spell out the colour to Surly girl store and there – like a whiff of a genie, there is your glamorous calculator!

So what if you don’t get a straight A in arithmetic at least you look chic while studying for it? Silver lining on a dark cloud is passe so bring on the swarovski lining on a boring calculator!

Via: Gizmodiva

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