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Sub $100 Sunglasses with a miniature camera

spy camera sunglasses 15699
These sunglasses look like just any other pair of sunglasses you could be wearing on your vacation by the beach, except for one major change. This pair of sunglasses are fitted with a built-in camera which can be used to shoot some gorgeous scenery on the beach, pun very intended. The 1.3 megapixel camera sits very unobtrusively on the right side of the sunglasses’ frame to let you shoot what you see, well literally. Controlling the camera is via a remote control that comes with the sunglasses. You could also while away your time listening to MP3 music that these sunglasses will play for you. Plugging it to your computer is via a USB 2.0 port, which also charges the sunglasses for it’s snapping and music playing duties. You can buy one of these for just $99.99 right here and have a blast at the beach this summer.

Via: boingboing

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