Strange drinking traditions from around the world

Every culture across the world has some traditions associated with it. People also love to be a part of their special traditions and customs. However, some unique traditions in one country may seem strange and absurd in another. The same is the case with drinking that is done in almost all cultures,but has varied customs linked to it.Read on to know about certain drinking customs that may or may not sound weird to you, depending on your background and traditions.


Red lips and glass of wine

When you are in Japan, you have to be polite at the place of drinking too. It is expected of all to keep their friends’ glasses full if they want it. You cannot just pour your own drink or turn away while taking a sip. It is considered as disrespect to others.


A young and attractive couple dining together in an indoor restaurant

If you go to Italy, then you will have to take your meal with only water or wine. There are no other beverages used to accompany a meal. For instance, soda or beer is a complete no-no.


serve the ladies

French people consider dignity above anything else. It is the same rule while drinking with ladies and other gentlemen. You should first serve the ladies and then pour your own drink. Else, it is treated as vulgar. Additionally, you should not fill their glasses beyond the halfway point.

South Korea

respect to your elders

The major drinking custom in South Korea is to give respect to your elders. You must fill the glasses of your elders and then wait for somebody to fill yours In return. Both hands are used while serving or accepting your drink. Otherwise, you may be considered rude. It is also required to turn your back to your elders while drinking.


bride shoes

In Ukraine, brides keep their feet stuck to the ground during the entire wedding ceremony. Else, guests can steal her shoes to toss around and drink wine from them by taking turns.


Sad marriage in the morning

You cannot toast with water in Spain. Spanish people believe that doing so would bring seven years of bad sex for you. Thus, it is the best to fill your glass with wine.


Bride with groom and his friends taking selfie

In German weddings, groomsmen kidnap the bride a night before the wedding. They take her to a bar, and the groom has to buy them a round of drinks if he wants the bride back.

There are some interesting yet weird traditions followed in several countries when it comes to drinking socially. While some cultures allowformal drinking manners, others make their drinking customs fun.

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