Staying Safe in Construction Zones


Driving through a construction zone can sometimes be an inconvenience, but it can turn into much more than that if you don’t proceed cautiously. When you’re on a trip, and you come upon a stretch of roadwork, make sure you’re engaging in the following smart and safe practices. 

Be Extra Vigilant

Staying-Safe-in-Construction-ZonesRoad crews do a good job of alerting people to an approaching construction zone, but these warnings are ineffective if drivers don’t pay attention to them. Watch for changeable message signs that describe the upcoming roadwork and be aware of traffic cones along the sides of the road.

Once you’re in the construction area, keep your eyes on constant alert for hazards or workers in the area. Some alternate routes can take you on windy paths, so it’s important to watch the road so you know exactly where you’re going. Pay special attention when lanes are merging, so you can adjust your position in plenty of time.

Stay in Your Lane

Many construction zones end up merging into one lane, so be courteous to other drivers during this time. Slow down to let adjacent cars into the dominant lane, and don’t wait too long to get over if you’re in the lane that is ending.

For roadwork areas that have more than one lane, don’t change lanes once you’ve hit the construction zone. Guardrails can sometimes make these areas tight, and too much movement between lanes can be dangerous. Wait until you’ve passed on orange signs to resume your normal driving patterns. Often, there will be a specific sign alerting you to the end of the roadwork.

Adjust Your Speed

Adjust Your SpeedThere are reduced speed limits in construction zones and for good reason. It’s not only for the safety of drivers. Road crews are usually working in the vicinity, and excessive speeds put these workers at great risk. Even if no one else is on the road, abide by the posted speed limits.

Sometimes you may find yourself behind someone that’s driving slower than you like. Though it may be tempting to use a shoulder to get around them, this is an unnecessary risk that isn’t worth taking. Instead, exercise some patience and wait for the construction to end.

You can help construction crews stay safe out there by listening to alerts and being hyper-aware of what’s going on around you. Next time you run into roadwork, you can use these tips to help you avoid an accident.

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