Some incredible facts about black holes in our galaxy

Mysteries of the universe have always captured attention of humans. The deep, dark, and unfathomable space has several mysteries waiting to be discovered, while the universe at large awaits to be discovered.

Out of all the puzzling and bizarre things happening in universe, we often hear about black holes. People always have curiosity to know about what’s happening with Black Hole and what it is doing to our planet. Moreover, is it real or just a fiction? Below are few captivating facts that will surely throe some light on this matter.

Variety of Black Hole


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Black Holes come in three different forms, which is stellar, super massive, and miniature. As a massive star collapse forms stellar Black Hole, super massive Black Hole is present in centre of most galaxies, including Milky Way and miniature Black Hole is still undiscovered. People believe that miniature Black Hole exists since the occurrence of Big Bang.

Black Hole is not visible


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As Black Hole is nothing but black light, nobody can see it directly and no light can escape from it. As soon as any light comes near Black Hole, it just eats it away. When a star will come near Black Hole, it will automatically pull it inside and star will disappear forever. When Black hole is attracting the star, it moves quite faster and shines brighter.

Black Holes Whirl


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When a star comes near a Black Hole, it just moves faster and faster with a great amount of speed towards it. Moreover, as a star moves, it shines brighter and moves quickly towards Black Hole, sometimes in seconds. Star spins until it reaches to the bottom of the Black Hole. Likewise, a Black Hole also whirls when it shrinks.

Black Hole does not swallow things in space


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People believe that Black Hole has power of gulping everything, it is just a misconception. Even if we replace Black Hole with Sun, it will not swallow Earth. No doubt, Black Hole has very strong gravitational power, but it cannot swallow or gulp things around it.

Evaporating Black Hole


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First predicted by Stephen Hawking in 1974, Black Holes not just gulps things, but spit them out as well. As everything in this universe is going to die someday, Black Holes will lead to death, and the reason will be its evaporation.

For satisfying our curiosity about Universe, we have lead to so many inventions that help us to know more about it. Using these inventions, we have discovered so many new and unique things in the universe, which makes us familiar with various things present in the Universe.

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