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Solar-powered BugBots from TinyMinds

tinyminds bugbot 1 Tl9kO 1333
Created by robot insect builders TinyMinds, these tiny robotic BugBots are perhaps the most annoying mechanical beings I have ever seen in my life. What’s even worse is that all of them use solar power to charge up and can inflict mayhem on any unsuspecting passer by in no time! Crafted using just meter movement, solar cell, chip, resistor and a couple of capacitors all freeform soldered together, having this family of eerie robotic bugs around makes just about as much sense to me as having real live bugs as pets!
tinyminds bugbot 5 MyYS8 1333

tinyminds bugbot 2 fBTAN 1333
But just case you found Lilly- the solar powered flapping bugbot, Gonzo- the flapping solar powered robot, Cthulhu- the solar powered Emo robot, Ernie- the solar powered light seeking robot or Bert- the light seeking, solar powered bugbot cute enough to bring home, you should be ready to part with $60 to $80 per bug!
tinyminds bugbot 3 4pmZs 1333
tinyminds bugbot 4 QUmat 1333

Source: Techna Bob

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