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Sleek Meltdown sink that glows

wet glowing bathroom sink meltdown

Italy’s WET Studio has presented the gorgeous Meltdown sink, which is crafted out of 100% recyclable and light-weight polyethylene. It has a glossy exterior, which is due to the special ‘teflon’ treatment provided to it’s tooling, gifting it a spotless surface.You get a variety of colors to choose your glistening sink from, translucent orange, lemon, white, and even black.

The Meltdown shines multifold once it is installed and you get the privilege of customizing the glow further, by adding a tiny static projection screen. Through this screen you can project personal messages on the sink’s exterior, from the inside. The sleek object not only looks good, but would serve the purpose of lighting up your bathroom in the dark, with its impeccable glow.

Via: Freshome

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